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Shreejana Law Firm was established in early years of 1988 by Sr. Advocate Chandeshwor Shrestha during a time when the emergence of the corporate and law firms in Nepal was still in the primitive stage and professional practice of law was mainly confined to traditional practices.
Sr. Adv. Chandeshwor Shrestha recognized the opportunities to turn the transformation of Nepalese legal practice and has set new culture of professional practices. Shreejana Law Firm is one of the leading and largest law firm established in 1988 AD. Our firm enjoys the distinction of being one of the oldest law firm and widely recognized as Nepal’s pioneer law firm.

Shreejana Law firm is currently being managed by Sr. Adv. Chandeshwor Shrestha (founder and partner); with the support of two partners, each of who are experts in their respective feilds. Also with the additional support of the same number of paralegal and support staff.

We offer a wide range of legal services in the area of Civil laws, Criminal law and Commercial law mainly specialized in Taxation also has specialized in representing foreign and domestic companies with diverse business interest in Nepal. The firm is involved as consultant for some of the largest multinational corporation from Indian Continent as well as renowned NGO’s and INGO’s.
We have structured our team to perform the services as Clients’ Representation, Litigation, Arbitration, Consultancy, Legal research, Notary, Legal Audit, Liquidation, Mediation, Insolvency responsively and effectively in order to provide professional and effective legal solution.

Highly Respected Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Some of our more recent settlements include:

  • $19 million settlement for a client whose vehicle was rear ended on the 10 FWY causing severe brain injury.
  • $7 million settlement in which our client suffered severe brain injuries when their vehicle rear ended a truck parked on the side of the road with no reflectors.
  • $6 million settlement in a car accident case where the insurance company failed to settle the claim in a timely manner.
  • $4.75 million settlement in an auto accident case involving a dangerous public condition
  • $1.25 million settlement in a car crash case for back injuries caused by a drunk driver who rear-ended our client’s vehicle

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